27 Jan 2016


Electronic » House » Dance

Having taken the leap to move to the UK and to study music at ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music), music is undoubtedly Christos passion.

As most artists today, he finds it particularly difficult to describe his style. But as his Soundcloud biography goes “I make music that makes me happy. I have no clue what genre it is. Housey, dancey, tribal, jazzy, bluesy, funky, soulful, deep, techy.”

He believes in adding musicality and live element back into electronic music. Christo loves what music does to him, it gives him an uncontrollable desire and feeling to take a step back and just appreciate the art.


His music is targeted to synch, therefore makes music with this continually in mind.

Starting off as a DJ, Christo decided to move forward with his live performance, incorporating elements such as synths, bass, sax and vocals.


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