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Strongly influenced by the likes of Skrillex, Nicky Romero and Hardwell, Joshua (aka. Hadron) crafts a very unique style of Electro House.

Like the subatomic particles he derives his stage name of, he is responsible for an ever inspiring and joyful movement in the audience, caused by the inventive combination of catchy melodies with breathtaking sound-design, supported by an outstanding, relentless drum section.

When Hadron spins the decks, mixing and mashing classic bangers with brand new productions, the energy persistently rises during his performance. This makes for an incredible experience, no matter the location or size of the venue.

Having started out in 2010, we have since seen an ongoing improvement. Especially with the recent incorporation of refreshening live-production into his DJ sets. Although only aged 19, Hadron has already achieved ample results and is eager to progress even further.

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