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Giles Stelfox

05 May 2016


Producer » Musician

Giles Stelfox is a Producer/Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Songwriter based in the South UK. He has worked professionally as a performer, in the studio and also writing songs in many different contemporary genres and for different artists. Giles plays guitar, drums, bass guitar, keyboards and is also a vocalist.

Giles is an experienced Producer and Engineer with multiple singles and albums under his belt. He has worked with acts such as ‘Sophie & The Giants’, ‘Over-Score’ and ‘Revelry’ within ACM. He also works in the professional studio, Studio 91 as an assistant engineer on an internship working with professional, paying clients. He is experienced in Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and Sibelius.

Since 2010, Giles has been playing in different bands in rock and pop styles including session work for different acts. He is the drummer for Tilly Valentine (Trip-Hop/Rn’B). He also is the frontman for the prog rock act ‘Pierian Spring’, which will be making it’s debut in summer 2016. He has played session concerts for festivals and more recently a professional session in Bulgaria for an Easter celebration with function band; ‘The Aurora’ playing Pop/Jazz Pop.

Giles has also played in pit bands for musicals and classical groups on guitar and bass guitar. He also has full perfect pitch and praised ear and improvisational skills, combined with established contemporary and classical music theory knowledge. He has written songs in different genre styles and sounds, and composed different scores and productions which can be found on his Soundcloud.

Giles has also worked as a theatre technician, with experience in live sound, lighting and stage management/touring. He also programs live rigs, backing track systems and general technical elements for the bands he is in, and for other acts.

For more information please visit his social media sites or send an email to directly. All inquiries into production/engineering, session work, and writing should be sent to this address.


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