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Electronic » Producer » Composer

Frida Feline Nilsen (born 11 May 1995) is a Norwegian young Electronic Music Producer & Composer from Stavanger, Norway. Frida finds it interesting to explore different genres in terms of music, but she is particularly enthusiastic about composing music for visuals. Her music varies from dark and ambient to dreamy and adventure.

Frida has a big passion for music and she is currently studying towards a degree in Electronic Music Production at ACM. Her career objective is to successfully compose music for film, documentaries and game productions. Frida has performed as a DJ at different events and the most popular nightclubs in Stavanger, she has also played in Guildford (UK) at Thirty3hz.

Frida has been active in sports in general and as a national competitor of Karate in particular. She has been a Norwegian Champion in individual fighting where energy, courage and stamina are the main ingredients.

“I see that many of the qualities that are necessary in high-level combat sports can be transferred to other aspects of life, such as studying and work and can thus be useful to me as a professional”.