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‘Eszter Mics and the Sisters’ is a brand new emerging alternative-pop band consisting of 6 dedicated female musicians, fronted by the Hungarian-born Singer-Songwriter Eszter Mics. The members of the band came together from all around the world creating a beautiful atmospheric accompaniment for Eszter’s captivating, eclectic, playful and meaningful original songs.

Eszter is a focused writer, coming from a family full of musicians she is a developed keyboard player and a soulful singer who’s also known from her sensible flute playing.

“For me being an artist means a different way of living, a more conscious one. I truly believe in the power of art, the power of women and diversity. I chose writing song and performing them as a profession because I think this is the best way I can pass my message to my audience.”

Each member of her band is a strong female character who brings a different dimension to the music. Ana-Maria Lazar is a passionate bass player originally from Romania. Her great technical skills on her instrument guarantees quality music for the audience. Ishara Andrews is an extremely creative drummer with a strong stage presence who also provides a good atmosphere within the group. Grace Jolly is a beautiful, talented guitar player who’s also dedicated in protecting our nature. Nora Geidmane is a Latvian singer with an expressive deep voice who’s responsible for the magical harmonies along with Boglárka Mics who is a refreshingly creative Hungarian artist with a great sense of aesthetics.

The girls found each other while studying in the Academy of Contemporary music in Guildford and thanks to their talents and personalities they are an inspirational musical act who gives a true experience to the listeners. // Facebook // Twitter