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Glamorous singer, creative songwriter and gracious dancer, Chess Galea stands as a complete artist. Brought up in Malta, at a very young age of 5 years old, she learned all about the fundamentals of piano and music theory. Classically trained, she’s developed a 4 octave vocal range.

Chess was born and raised to be a full performer, studying dance, singing and music throughout her life. She was then was offered the opportunity to go to The United Kingdom, being awarded a scholarship. So, at 21 years old, she graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music in the UK. Since then, she’s been follwing the path leading to one emerging yet already successful solo artist’s career.

Influenced by the likes of “Prince, Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga”,and having released 2 Ep’s Babygirl and Tuxedo, Chess Galea, 90’s Pop music influenced artist, has solely managed to gain radio airplay and tracks played in clubs in Australia, Greece and Italy, as well as in Malta, her home country, where she reached number 1 in the Maltese radio charts, with ‘Stilettos’. As for The UK, her single ‘Vanity’ has been included on the playlist BBC Introducing, being described as a “cracker of a tune”.


Her undeniable talents combined with her work ethic have led her to deservedly receive the credits of Best Of British Unsigned, and also a Nomination for Best Solo Artist at 2014 Malta Music Awards.
All of her achievements get Chess Galea closer to her hall of fame, having run 200 shows run around the UK, Europe and even stretching to New York.

Off stage, Chess has other skills – working as a topline melody writer working with DJ’s all around the world, including Xenia Ghali, Dario Synth and Danny Darko and writing for other artists. She’s also collaborating with writing companies, finishing off demos for major record labels.

Now, the path of her successful career is opening the way to a landscape of new opportunities and projects.

Chess will soon be releasing a live album cover, The Great Gig, one of her most ambitious projects, highlighting her vocals and performing skills:

“The Great Gig covers album was a great project – I’d like to thank all the Indiegogo backers who made it possible. It was fun, but also challenging, as some of the songs were new to me!”

Eventually, 2016 shall be the year for the release of her debut original solo album with the will of fusing Soul and Pop music together.
“The album is going to be a mix of soul and pop.. I think there will be quite a few surprises … my music taste is so eclectic”.

Chess has the artistic vision to shape music that is timeless;

“I think we all need to appreciate valuable music and pass it on through generations”

She also wants to be as influential as possible; Chess is willing to impact the world with her positivity.

“I will know I am successful in what I want to do when I have had a positive influence on somebody, through the means of making music and performing. The idea is to create music that is intelligent, and that surpasses my time on earth”.

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