Casey Lake

16 May 2018

Genre: Rock / Alt

Meet Casey Lake, a 3 piece rock band with a strong hint of grunge. Think Alice in Chains or Sound Garden, for the grunge flavours and The Wildhearts or Feeder for more of a UK feel. Anyone that appreciates great rock songs, riffs, melody and rhythm – isn’t that everyone ? will love Casey Lake. If you check out their music you’ll get the idea in no time. Somehow managing to get by without back tracks, click tracks, laptops, harmonisers, or any other ‘production’ techniques, when the band play, it’s all them, all of the time – they hardly ever wear Hawaiian shirts, are kind to animals and good to their mothers.

Based in Guildford, UK, the band, although too young to buy a beer in the USA, have already attracted attention from radio land, with Nick Giles from Rock Radio UK describing ‘Beasts and Holy’ as “2 minutes of rock heaven”. Guitar and vocals – George MacLean/ Bass – Sam Wilson/ Drums – Jack Geary.


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