22 Oct 2018


Electro-Pop » Nordicana

“…An eagle-high voice that was experimental enough to sound as if it was jetting into silver-bird territory one moment, before getting cleverly husky & sophisticated ‘n’ clubby the next. This was gorgeous jazz-pop with acidic soft-centres.” – quote from Neil Mach | RAW RAMP

Described by her followers as having elements of Björk, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega and Goldfrapp, all wrapped into a tiny, artistic explosion, BRUCH is a purveyor of curious, electronic sounds, multi-layered vocals and ethereal melodies, bringing her classical cello training into the mix for an eclectic juxtaposition. BRUCH is completely self-produced, and 98% of the sounds you hear in her music are created entirely by her.

BRUCH’s music is like nothing else. She takes influence from artists such as Massive Attack, Alice Phoebe Lou and David Bowie, along with a wide array of classical composers. A proud ‘owner’ of her Asperger’s Syndrome, BRUCH has been creating music since the age of thirteen. Her music is unique and diverse, spanning the genres of folk, pop and electronica, with a Nordic twist thrown in for good measure. But in quiet moments, she can be found listening to anything from Satie to Sondheim.

Her last three singles, Empty Land, Welcome, and CROWN. were snapped up by BBC Introducing for their Saturday night show, to great acclaim from both the host, Stephanie Nieuwenhuys, and the show’s audience, and she performed a two-song Live Lounge and interview in their studios in August. These can all be found on iPlayer, or via the menu at www.bruchmusic.com.

Her debut EP, Autis, is due November 2018.

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