Berlov - ACM


27 Jan 2016


Mechanically-Reclaimed Folk

Berlov (MR JP. M BERLOV) is a mechanical art contraption whose music is forever straddling the lines between clouded ambient textures, abstract rhythms and visceral noise. Born on the 31st January 1984, he grew up with an extreme intolerance to loud noise; by his adolescent years he realised that he hated most kinds of music. It was then that he knew he was going to be spending the rest of his life making it.

Berlov exists in the realm between sound and noise.” – Dominic Boren, Electrotheque Records

He has released music with his previous band The Imaginary Minstrels as well as under the name Sock; his EP Benevolent Dog Cloud came out under the latter moniker in 2014 and should not be listened to under any circumstances. He has built several pieces of song to this day and currently resides in the East of Sunderland, near Cheshire.

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