01 Aug 2016



Hailing from the green county of Surrey, UK, the hardcore metal four piece came together when guitarist Kieran Roberts came across two like-minded colleagues, David Everard and Chris Beale whilst studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford who were both eager to write some heavy metal music!

After a considerable deal of material was written by Roberts and rehearsed by the trio, numerous vocalists were auditioned. In hopes to bring the band’s sound to life, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Tony Halliwell auditioned for the front role, fusing throttling thrash metal screams with tight, husky and Metallica’s James Hetfield-inspired melodic lines.

Having caught the interest of managerial teams and local venues, the band are currently writing and recording their debut EP, ‘Lay Down Your Weapons’, due for release in the distant future. The team are eager to bring the energy and intensity captured on their demo recordings to a plethora of upcoming live shows.


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