Zak Young (A.K.A Zak Camilleri) is a British Artist & Rapper from Kingston, United Kingdom. Shortly after birth, his parents relocated to Malta, living there until the age of 12. Zak had a difficult childhood as his parents split up when he was just a year old. Life got better when he returned to England.

However, his luck did not last long, and in December 2013, his stepfather suddenly passed away, making things harder yet again. Zak’s dream was shattered because of the lack of finances available. Ultimately, he quit his team. Failing at school with a longing for re-discovering his purpose in life, it seemed hopeless for the adolescent.

At 16 years old, Zak wrote his first lyrics to the “Goldie” instrumental, written by one of his favorite artists, A$AP Rocky. This marked the start of his journey as an artist, using his past and present life experiences to express himself and make sense of the world.

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