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As early as she can remember, Mollie has always had a burning passion for music. At just 9 years old she started to take her love for music more seriously, performing for friends, family and anyone who would listen. As soon as Mollie hit senior school, she soon began writing her own songs. She taught herself how to play the piano at 13 and it was then she realised she wanted THIS to be her career.

Mollie is based on the South Coast of the UK but would travel all over the world for her music. She continues to compose her own solo material but also co-writes with other artists and songwriters. She’s had vocal training with professionals at ACM, co-write almost daily with up and coming rapper and producer Parv and have worked as a session vocalist for song writing team ‘HALO’.

Music takes her away from the world for a while and lets her express every emotion she’s feeling at that time. Mollie loves performing, solo and with other artists, loves the feeling of creativity bouncing around the room when they’re working together, and that feeling Mollie gets when she knows she’s created a piece of music that she can be really proud of!

Her main influences musically are Beyonce and Amy Whinehouse. Both artists have had a massive impact on the music she writes. Mollie composes mainly R’n’B and soul inspired music/toplines, however she’s a very versatile writer and love to compose in other genres too.
The dream is to work with Beyonce but would also love to get in the studio and write with Drake, Timbaland and Miguel Pimentel.

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