10 May 2017

A&R Principles

Study Block 1 – 20 Credits

The A&R Principles module focuses on the development of high-level A&R skills. Your study will comprise guidance on finding new acts, assessing their potential and forming a conceptual link between the musical product, associated branding and the paying audience.

Key to this area of the music industry is the instinct to assess the size of a potential market, the commercial viability and longevity of an act, and the potential for brand loyalty; these themes form the core of this module.

You will examine the negotiation of early-stage deals and strategies for grassroots approaches to building awareness of an act and creating a ‘buzz’. The module also examines quality control, leadership and people management; you will be encouraged to begin managing in a practical way as early as possible. Additionally, you will undertake critical reflection on your own brand and presentation style.

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