At ACM we are dedicated to preparing the next generation of musicians for sustainable careers in the music industry, so it comes as no surprise that when Skunk Anansie (who feature ACM’s Head of Creative Industry Output, Ace, on Guitar) needed a support band for their 2017 tour, the slot went to ACM alumni The Pearl Harts.

We caught up with Kirsty Lowrey, singer/guitarist in The Pearl Harts and graduate of the ACM Guitar Diploma, to find out about her career since leaving ACM, and how life on tour has been:

1. How did the opportunity to support Skunk Anansie come up?

Sara was introduced to Mark through another drummer friend and we saw that during their European tour they were playing at Brixton Academy; Sara got in touch with Mark and asked if we could support them on that date, she then bumped into him at the drum show and he said they were considering us for the entire tour! A couple of weeks later we got an email from their booking agent officially offering us the whole tour. We are elated!

2. How’s the tour gone so far, any funny stories to share from on the road?

We recently did a show in Toulouse at Le Bikini, the band and crew had all said how much they were looking forward to this particular show as the venue and staff were incredible, this couldn’t have been more true… after Skunks show we were all invited to party with the staff from Le Bikini, it was an endless flow of beers and shots and Sara and I dancing on tables to Cher!

3. Aside from supporting Skunk Anansie what have you been up to since leaving ACM?

I’ve been in and out of bands since leaving ACM, getting into the recording studio and playing through the UK and Europe, this is the first band I’ve been in as a lead singer and that was from full encouragement from Sara. The Pearl Harts recently supported Garbage in the summer of 2016 and we’ve just completed our Debut Album.

4. How have you used the lessons you learnt at ACM in your career?

Aside from the great standard of teaching that was given to me at ACM and the vast amount of theory and musical education I was offered I was also given a huge amount of confidence, having to meet new people, live in a new city and learn how to develop a musical relationship with them. It only encouraged me further to pursue music as a career, when I moved to London at 17 I already had a taste of that world and I just wanted more!

5. Any further plans for 2017?

Our album will be released this summer and we hope to return to Europe for our own headline tour to promote it.

6. What would be your advice for students looking to get to your position?

Work hard and be nice to people (especially the crew)!

The Pearl Harts and Skunk Anansie

“The tour is going great though Europe and mostly sold out now. It’s fantastic to give a new band a chance to play to new audiences, especially up to 11,000 people per night. The Pearl Harts won the slot off their merits of course, but it’s great to be able to pick an ACM alumni and keep it in the family. Kirsty has been rockin’ the crowds every night and an absolute pleasure to be around everyday backstage.”
Ace, Head of Creative Industry Output, ACM

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