Let SPIT serve you up a slice of crushing rock…

“Pasta, rock hard & rolling bones”… this could be one of our favourite band bios yet. Ahead of their performance at our night at the Alternative Escape, we had a chat with Alumni SPIT to see what they’ve been up to since graduating from ACM and to listen to their new track Bali. Oh, and pasta brands, if you are reading… we also want a cut! (Read on… all will become clear)

Introduce the band, how did you meet and what courses did you do at ACM?

“Hi everyone, SPIT here. Let’s do this. So, Rico plays guitar and sings, Dave is on drums and Rob on bass.

We all met at ACM, during our Performance Degree course. We were all part of different bands (Lost In Venice and The Llamas) but Rico and Dave had been writing songs on the side, usually after a big bowl of pasta, preferably Barilla o De Cecco (if you’re reading this, we do accept free goodies). When the two bands disbanded they had this bunch of songs and couldn’t let it go to waste, so SPIT was formed.

At first it was Joe Lawrence on bass, whom we recorded the first single ‘Earthshaker’ with. Due to Joe’s other commitments we drafted Rob on bass.”

What can we expect from your set at ACM’s Alternative Escape Showcase this year?

“In the last 12 months we’ve been tweaking our setlist so that we can deliver an intense, high energy performance that the crowd can relate to. We’re just passionate about straight up rock music and big melodies, so expect that if you’re coming to Brighton or any other of our shows.”

What have you been up to since graduating? Any highlights as a band?

“Since graduating, we’ve been working on writing and recording singles in various different studios across the country. ‘Earthshaker’ was released at the end of last year and since then we’ve also released our second single ‘Bali’.

As a band we’ve shared some pretty cool moments together so far, one of which was the pleasure of playing at Fat Tuesday Festival in Hastings.

We usually get our music mastered at Metropolis Studios in London and that is always a special thing for us, given the history of that place. Felix Davis was the one who mastered ‘Bali’ and we were really happy with the job he did.

We’ve just played Frank Turner’s Lost Evening Festival in Camden Town and were humbled just to have the opportunity to perform there. We met him at our graduation last year in Guildford and he came across as a genuinely nice dude, so we can’t wait to be part of this 4-day event.”

If you could go back and give yourselves one piece of advice from the start of your course what would it be and why?

“Stay focused on your goal and exploit all the resources and facilities available at the campus while you have access to it.”

What’s next for SPIT?

“We’ve recently been down at Kore Studios recording our new single which will be released soon. That studio has a lot of vintage gear and we felt like kids in a playground! The big live room worked out really well for the sound and feel we were after… well worth checking the place out. George Apsion, who runs the facility, is an absolute legend.”

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