Mr Hudson, The Ting Tings, G: Audio, The Saturdays, Backstreet Boys. These are just some of the high-profile music acts that Nick Tsang has gone on to support since graduating from ACM.

Nick’s ACM journey began back in 2004 when he joined ACM’s Performance School to study the guitar diploma. Having progressed through the higher diploma and the performance degree Nick took his first steps into the music industry thanks to a live audition set up by the BDC Department. However, the opportunity to play alongside ex-Busted bassist Matt Willis really was just the start.

“The course (at ACM) gave me a great foundation as to how the music industry works and gave me a heads up and preparation as to what to expect.”
Nick Tsang ACM Alumni

Now also juggling his live and recording sessions opportunities with his new project ModeStep, Nick knows that having the talent is just the start and success comes down to a good attitude, a strong work ethic and maintaining a high level of professionalism.

ACM would like to thank Nick Tsang for taking time out from his busy schedule to share his story with us. ACM wish him well for the forthcoming ModeStep recording and live projects.

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