Current Music Business student Catherine Zita has been speaking to our alumni about their time at ACM and what they’ve been up to since graduating. Below, she interviews recent Drums graduate, Jamie Welch!

Since leaving ACM, One Click Malice frontman Jamie Welch has had many opportunities granted to him. From being part of the West End’s ‘STOMP’ cast, to writing and performing in many of his other side projects. I caught up with Jamie to see how life has been since graduating from ACM last year and what ACM has taught him in the long run.

Hi Jamie, thanks for catching up with me today! For those who don’t know One Click Malice tell me more about your band?

Hey, no problem at all. So yeah One Click Malice, we’re a heavy alternative rock trio, fuelled by big riffs, and laced with odd time and polyrhythmic weirdness, and throw in a little anti-government influence. We’re inspired by bands like Muse, Rage Against the Machine & Alter Bridge etc.

That sounds great! Have you got a Facebook Page for people to check your music out? Also, what has been your biggest achievement with your band so far?

Yeah we do, it’s here. I’d say our biggest achievement so far would be performing with Phil Campbell, guitarist of Motörhead in the Electric Theatre, it was a great honour to share the stage with Phil, getting to perform Motörhead classics like ‘Ace of Spades’.

Aside from One Click Malice, what other projects have you started or are you involved with?

Since leaving ACM, I’ve been lucky enough to join the cast of STOMP, performing both in the West End and in theatres on tour around Europe. I have also recently recorded as the drummer, bassist, and backing vocalist on a five track EP with singer-songwriter Evie Thompson alongside continuing to write original music for both myself and the band.

What did ACM teach you and have you brought any of those qualities to your professional life?

If ACM has taught me one thing that really sticks, it’s no matter how prepared you think you might be for say a gig or an exam, you can never get enough practice, and there’s always room for improvement regarding your musicianship.

What are your aspirations for the future and what do you see yourself doing?

I hope to get into teaching, at my current age of 20, I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to experience a lot as a musician, and can’t think of anything more fulfilling than being able to pass on knowledge and lessons I’ve learned myself to others. I also hope to continue practising, writing and recording original music and bettering myself as a musician and all round performer.

Finally, what advice would you give to current ACM students who are looking to break into the industry?

If you really want something, only you can make it happen, anything is achievable if you put your mind to it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, if you’re a drummer who wants to pick up a guitar or bass, go for it.

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