‘Give Me Love, I Won’t Bring Trouble’, the latest release from ACM alumnus Chris Cape, explores the struggle for one’s own identity.

As the song progresses, this idea of identity and the desire for acceptance intensifies to the inevitability of making peace with that fact that we might fail to find it.

Could there ever be a truer theme for new artists breaking into the music industry?

We caught up with Chris to chat about the projects he’s been working on since graduating from ACM and to premiere his brand new video…

For those that don’t know you, Chris, tell us a bit about your yourself…

“Over the years I’ve played in various bands under various management and experienced so many classic ups and downs that go with pursuing a music career.

While at ACM I was working on my own material and played in a band who did really well on the festival circuit including Secret Garden Party (main-stage), Guilfest (main-stage), Glastonbury, Lounge on the Farm, Beach Break Live and many more.

The next phase saw me move deeper into writing and production. During this time I was in South Africa and, while freed from the extortionate London rent responsibilities, I wrote and learned to produce/mix records for 6-8 hours everyday. This was an amazing time.

Now, back in London, I’ve come full circle and am focused on my output as Chris Cape. All the hours spent honing the writing and production have given me a great facility to put my own message forward.”


“I can’t imagine not making music. Writing songs is as much a part of my life as breathing. If this is something I’m going to be doing for life anyway, it makes the most sense to make it my career.”

What projects are you currently involved with?

“Since graduating, I’ve worked with Notting Hill Publishing on various non-UK song pitches and recently have been dedicated to my own music endeavours as “Chris Cape”.

Getting traction in this oversaturated online world is far harder than anybody tells you and much of my efforts are focused on finding ways to harness whatever media tools are available and stand out from the crowd. Each artist has a unique workflow, and I’ve been experimenting with finding the perfect fit for myself. This year I’m releasing a single, in the form of a music video, on the last Wednesday of each month.”

What are your aspirations for this video campaign?

“A while ago a friend called me up and said he’d been thinking about me and had some thoughts. He said that when he plays people my music they don’t necessarily get it. However, if he brings them to a gig, or they meet me in person and then listen to the records they totally get it!

This was a big revelation. People want to KNOW who I am before listening to me. I thought how many times I’d watched a music documentaries or biopic, and then listened to that artists work with a new appreciation.

It was then that I decided a simple SoundCloud link is not enough for everyone. While many of us musicians are “all about the music”, perhaps we forget that our potential fans see a bigger picture. They want to know us.

My friend suggested (with a few examples from other artists) how I could do some simple music videos that simulate a live performance or at least give more insight into my personality.

That is the inspiration behind this video campaign. The aim is simply that new and old fans take the opportunity to get to know and in turn appreciate my music more personally.

It’s a high effort undertaking, given that I’m doing it all DIY. Still I believe it’s gonna be a great year for me as a result.”

How did your course prepare you for life in the music business world?

“I think the best thing about ACM is that it gives you the opportunity to have a mini version of the bigger industry.  That’s exactly what makes the experience worthwhile. It has all the same laws of the universe but is just more immediate. You can play an Industry Link performance one day and have the corridors filled with chatter the next morning about how many faces you melted the night before. Or you can try something large and have it fail drastically. ACM is a place to take risks, to experiment musically, socially and with your promotion ideas – and then learn from the experience.”

Do you have any advice for those looking to get in to industry?

“Be yourself. Only you really know who you are so make sure you’re constantly finding out. If you’re doing something that YOU can really believe in then you are in a very strong position to conquer the challenges this industry has in store.”

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