10 Apr 2018

Alumni Feature | Katy Hurt

From braving -20° weather conditions to record her new EP to her Country 2 Country appearance at the O2, 2018 sure has been action packed for Katy Hurt…

We recently sat down with Contemporary Songwriting & Artist Development alumna Katy Hurt to chat about her travels to Winnipeg to record her new EP, smashing her pledge campaign goal and what the future holds for the rest of 2018…

How’s it going Katy? What have you been up to recently?

“It’s been going really well thanks, I have just finished recording the next EP in Canada and I cannot wait to show people these new songs.”

Tell us about your Pledge project…

“The Pledge project was a way for me to get the fans involved and see more of the behind the scenes of my recording process whilst also crowdfunding to help me put the record out. As an independent artist, who has been self funding it can be really tricky trying to put out new music because there are so many costs involved, but with the help of my incredible fans we are making it happen. The goal is to get enough to fund a music video and help cover the costs of doing an EP tour. It will also help me make sure that we can get the EP printed, maybe even on vinyl!! I’ve reached almost 110% of my initial goal amount so I’m absolutely over the moon so far.”

Pre-order Katy’s new EP and support to her Pledge by clicking the image below or by clicking here…


How was Winnipeg? Sounds like a great experience!

“Winnipeg was perfect, I’m not usually the kind of person who can deal with the cold very well, but once we wrapped up and got inside the studio it felt like we had been dropped into a little musical snow globe. It was great to get away from the world and just focus on the music for ten solid days. All of the people we met and worked with were so wonderful and it was such a fantastic experience. Plus, we even arranged a few evening trips to see the sights and got to go skating on the Assiniboine River which had completely frozen over, and we got to go and see polar bear cubs up close which was an incredible moment and something I never thought I would get the chance to do.”

What did Murray Pulver (Doc Walker and The Crash Test Dummies) bring to the project?

“Murray was honestly the best person we could have chosen to be a part of this project, I emailed him as a huge fan of his work and never thought he would respond and when he did and said he was interested I booked the flights before he could change his mind! I have been playing some of these songs for about a year with my band and so we needed someone who was going to listen to what we were doing and help them come to life on record by adding something but not change the integrity of the songs which is exactly what he did. I wanted to record this EP as authentically as possible, so we were all in one room, and used a lot of old school techniques which Murray and our engineer Paul helped with. Also Murray is the king of harmonies so we had a lot of fun throwing some crazy vocal stuff in there too.”

What does 2018 hold?

“2018 is looking pretty good so far, we have a few big festivals coming up, we’ve just played Country 2 Country at The O2 earlier this March and then we are planning on releasing one single a month in the run up to the EP release which is going to be fun! Hopefully, following that we will be touring throughout the rest of the year.”

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