We are very proud of all of our students and alumni at ACM, who can be found working in all kinds of roles as musicians, artists and songwriters, producers, DJs, engineers and sound designers. They show that a sustainable career in today’s music industry is attainable with hard work, self-belief, passion, commitment and dedication. Mattia and Elie Rosinski, who are both graduates of ACM, are proof of that, with their band BEMY‘s video breaking the 1 million views mark recently.

We caught up with them to find out how ACM helped to prepare them for the music industry.

Tell us a bit about your background and why you want to work in the music industry?

Well, me and my brother are just musicians. But being a musician signed to a major label like Universal is effectively a bit more than just playing music and composing. That’s where the courses at the ACM came in to help. All the deal reviews, the strategies, the things to avoid, were a big help to us. Especially since we’ve also had very destructive and bad experiences when it comes to the music industry. But there are some paths that you can’t avoid in order to learn, and get better. Thankfully we came out of it fine.

What motivated you to come and study at ACM?

We’ve always been playing music, with the same goals, same dreams. There was clearly nothing else that we could do in our lives than music. After high school, the next step was to have appropriate studies towards those goals. ACM was the ideal place.

BEMY live ACM alumni

What was the best part about studying at ACM?

ACM kept surprising with how useful it was! All the possibilities, all the courses, tutorials, help from the teachers (who are amazing musicians); it’s like a massive community of artists helping each other out.

Any favourite tutors from your time at ACM?

For me (Mattia), it was Mike Goodman. Legend.

Tell us about what you’ve been involved with since leaving ACM?

BEMY ACM alumniSince leaving England,  we went to Poland to play a TV Show called Must Be The Music. It turned out people there liked our music, so we moved out there. We’ve played a lot of shows; Jarocin Festival, Przestanek Woodstock (there were about 100,000 people there), as well as other festivals. We’ve had setbacks too, but have now started from scratch with Universal Music Poland. We’ve recorded our first album, supported Jake Bugg in Warsaw, then Maroon 5 in Krakow Arena, which was a huge success. We also played a mini concert with LP, which was cool. We got a little help from Ed Sheeran for our second title Oxygen. And now we’re preparing our second album.

What are your aspirations for BEMY and the future?

Keep going forward, never stop working, until we reach all of our goals. Party as little as we can… It’s not a priority. Hehe.

Do you have any advice for those looking to get in to industry?

Get out of your comfort zone. Possibilities are unlimited. If England doesn’t work out for you, find another starting point and then, if you wish, go back with your experience.

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