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Students at ACM Guildford enjoyed a PR Masterclass in March with the Director of the Noise Cartel, Adam Sagir.

Adam runs The Noise Cartel, a specialist PR company, who operate in the world of rock music, covering print, online, radio, TV, social media and content creation for their clients.

Adam SagirThroughout the class Adam spoke in details about PR in the music industry, and gave a lot of advice on when the right time is for a band to do PR. He also spoke about which outlets work for different projects, as every project is different. Another key topic of discussion was the importance and influence of the media, and how that influence has changed from proactive to more reactive over the years.

Adam went into detail on Noise Cartel’s campaign for Babymetal, in particular how they worked to get Metal Hammer on board with the band, ultimately getting them on the front cover. Their seal of approval allowed Adam to go to other mainstream publications.

Following questions from the students in attendance, he also talked about how to present yourself as an artist, from social media to video.

Before wrapping up, Adam also explained his background and talked about how he got into PR; he originally didn’t like the idea of working in PR, but after working at a record label for ten years and deciding to go out on his own, he found that people often wanted PR, so he tried it, and it (clearly) worked out quite well!

We sat down with Adam following the Masterclass to talk PR in music, and he gave us his top tips on how to get featured on blogs, which you can find in the video below!

We’d like to thank Adam Sagir for taking the time out of his busy schedule for the excellent Masterclass!

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