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Following the success of ACS’s first visit of the new term to ACM, we are pleased to confirm that our friends at ACS will be returning to offer their custom moulded earplugs for ACM students. These are a must have if you’re serious about your profession, and if you often work in high sound pressure level environments.

Find your perfect ACS Earplug with this easy guide created by the ACS Team…

ACS Pro Custom moulded ear plugs are one of the best hearing protection products on the market. The custom molded soft silicone plug offers one of the most comfortable hearing protection solutions for musicians. ACS ear plugs are the next generation of musicians hearing protection.

Normally ACS’s custom earplug range retail at £139, but ALL CURRENT ACM students can get them at a special ACM discount price of £111.20. ACM Alumni discounts are available too please e-mail for more details.

ACS will be at the ACM main building fitting on Tuesday 20th November 2012 in ACM’s Rodboro Reception. If you’d like to get some made up, please come and see them between 10am to 4pm. Or you can book a fitting in a tutorial via the My ACM booking system.

All major credit and debit cards are accepted.