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ACM’s Festive Top 5 Tracks of The Week

21 Dec 2018

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

For our final edition of ACM’s Top Tracks of the Week this year, we’ve decided to deliver you our favourite party and festive holiday anthems. So sit back, pop on a paper hat and check out these feel-good tunes. Also – be sure to check out the This Is ACM Spotify playlist here for more incredible talent!

1. ACM – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Last week, ACM Diploma Students covered John Lennon’s famed Christmas hit ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’ during their Enrichment Week to mark the 28 years since the late musician’s death, and of course the 100 years since the end of WW1. ACM’ers did a spectacular job, and managed to capture the same magical feel as the original. A variety of students from different music courses gathered to work together on the project, which resulted in multiple professional relationships being born. At ACM we love seeing students “learning by doing” and collaborating together, showing us what the music industry is all about. Well done to all those involved.

2. Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas

From our Freddie Mercury scholarship announcement and Bohemian Rhapsody biopic premiere visit, to some of our very talented Students performing under Queen’s Christmas lights in Carnaby Street, this year at ACM we’ve been all about this legendary group. And besides, what’s Christmas (or any holiday) without a little Queen? Although the melody and lyrics are rather on the melancholic side, as Freddie reflects on the hardships of the previous year, I think we’re all in agreement with the song’s overall message, “Thank God It’s Christmas”.

3. NaMo – On My Mind

The only thing on our minds this week is the Christmas holidays, and of course, this outstanding track courtesy of ACM Student NaMo. The song’s hook, with NaMo’s stylish auto-tuned vocals, will resonate with you throughout this month’s festivities. We look forward to seeing what NaMo comes up with in the new year! 

Learn more about NaMo and his musical endeavours on Instagram: @namo_music_

4. BlackWaters – Let The Good Times Roll

ACM Alumni BlackWaters ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ is somewhat self-explanatory in its intention; it’s a feel-good, fist-pumping, lager-lobbing party anthem. Its chaotic rhythm and rough, attitude-ridden vocals are reminiscent of bands such as the Dead Pretties and Pretty Vicious; the perfect soundtrack for any late-night, post-Christmas Party shenanigans.

Check out BlackWaters Instagram: @BlackWaters_uk

5. Ariana Grande – Last Christmas

Although we absolutely love this Christmas classic, we’d rather not be responsible for any of you losing the #Whamageddon, that’s why this week we’re loving Ariana Grande’s version. Grande’s cover replaces the old verses with her own narrative about a heartbreak with a previous ex, and supplies a modern twist through its breezy R&B rhythm and chilled-out urban undertone.