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Start your weekend right with this week’s Top 5 tracks of the week, a collection of songs featuring both ACM students and alumni.  Also – be sure to check out the This Is ACM Spotify playlist here for more incredible talent!

Bruch – Run & Hide

Channeling the same ethereal mystique as artists such as Kate Bush and Björk, Bruch, ACM Creative Artist student, offers dream-like, meditative tunes on her newly released EP ‘Autis’.

‘Autis’ is a record of magic and eccentricity; Bruch explores various aspects of her life including her relationship with autism and anxiety through a medium that is well and truly her own.

‘Run & Hide’, the one single from the album, demonstrates Bruch’s idyllic and delicate, haunting vocals, paired perfectly against the soft warps of electronic synth and gentle, tribal drumming. Listen to ‘Run & Hide’, it’ll gently catapult you into the wilderness, and you won’t want to return home.

Newton Faulkner – Wish I Could Wake Up

ACM Alumnus Newton Faulkner’s ‘Wish I Could Wake Up’ is a track that satisfies both Christmas-music fanatics and seasonal cynics. With a bouncing rhythm and plenty of chiming bells, at first, the track appears more like your conventional Christmas-shopping supermarket jingle than a heart-wrenching “Last Christmas” spin-off. However, Newton’s lyrics tell a different story; as he wishes he could “wake up anywhere”, as long as he’s with his special someone. The melancholic twist vocalised through the lyrics also state of his pain to be “anywhere” other than where he presumably usually spends his Christmas; “I wish I could wake up in the desert as far as I could see / I’d do anything that I want with no one watching me”.

This is an all-too familiar tale for many people at Christmas; being forced to live up to a cultural standard of the holiday that not all can enjoy; it’s usually a time to be around loved ones, warm by the fire wearing the ugliest of Christmas sweaters. Unfortunately this can’t always be the case, and for many, the season can cause more hurt than merriment. So, moral of the story? Look out for each other this Christmas, and listen to this outstanding track.

Owen Petch – Near U

ACM Guildford student, producer, singer and songwriter, Owen Petch, has a brand new single out that will leave you wanting more.

Ominous yet upbeat, with an experimental Electro-Pop meets Indie Rock approach, Petch’s style is complex, compelling and captivating. His new single, “Near U”, combines ambient, muddy piano and fantastical guitar licks, with intricate electro drums and slick auto-tuned vocals for a truly unique aural experience.

But don’t just take our word for it, Petch’s track has already been added to the official Spotify New Music Friday UK Playlist after premiering on Eagle Radio!

Slashtaq feat. KALU – Neverland

KALU, ACM Student and songwriter, features on Slashtaq’s latest single, Neverland. KALU’s effortlessly controlled, silky vocals wholly enriches this Electro-Pop powerhouse, reminiscent of Rihanna’s chart-topping “Diamonds” and other unforgettable Sia hits.

Whilst currently studying at ACM London, KALU is quickly stamping his mark on the music industry – keep your ears and eyes open for what comes next!

Here’s what KALU has to say about the track:

I wrote this song at a very dark point in my life, when I felt like the world was against me and it’s actually about escaping all the darkness in our minds which may be anxiety, self doubt or other things like that, to a metaphorical place where things are a lot better that I call Neverland. I think many of you will be able to relate. Let this be a reminder that you are not alone and make sure that you have good company around you to keep you sane and in good spirits. So much talk about suicide and stuff like that in the news! Speak up, love yourself and let this song take you to your very own Neverland!

I Speak Music – Whatever You Believe (Charity Christmas Single)

On Sunday 9th December, ACM teamed up with Surrey Music Hub, Surrey Arts, Youth Music and Big Leaf Foundation to record the I Speak Music Christmas single at the Electric Theatre in Guildford.

The I Speak Music (ISM) team consist of talented and enthusiastic musicians and supporters working with vulnerable and ‘newly arrived’ young immigrants. The project aims to offer a creative safe space for young refugees, aiding integration whilst creating greater awareness of the circumstances surrounding each individual.

After being featured on Sky News Sunrise Breakfast Show, the song will be officially released on Saturday (15/12/18)! Definitely worth a listen and for a fantastic cause.

Check out Sky News’ article on the festive charity track!

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