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Ever wanted to get live feedback and advice on your songs, performance and publicity from a panel of three leading record labels? Well ACM’s Industry Performance Showcase (IPS) is exactly that.

Over the course of the day, ACM students descended on Guildford’s Boileroom to perform their original material to an assembled panel of guests which included representatives from:

  • Deluxxe Management (Scouting for Girls)
  • All Night Long Promotions
  • Warner Records

More About ACM’s IPS Day
IPS is a live feedback session where original bands and artists get A&R feedback from a panel based loosely around records / publishing / management / radio / live arena.

Artists are asked to perform two original tracks in front of the panelists who will then feedback on various areas including song structure, image, performance as well as offering general advice as to how to move each project forward.

”ACM gives you an unfair advantage.”
Diane Wagg Deluxxe Management

”The ACM IPS Showcase was a great demonstration of quality new talent in the UK today.”
Gary Prosser All Night Long Promotions

”Huge potential in these emerging talents – exciting stuff.”
Victoria Stuart Warner Records

”Hugely exciting – bags of talent here (ACM).”
Amaya Dent Warner Records

ACM would like to thank all of those who were involved in putting on the Industry Performance Showcase including a special thanks to the three industry representatives from Deluxxe Management, All Night Long Promotions, Warner Records and ACM’s BDC Team. Thanks must also be extended to all of the ACM bands who took part in the event.