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ACM Students Learn Complete Vocal Technique from Top Industry Vocal Coach Team ‘The Voice Hub’

The Academy of Contemporary Music welcomed Rósa B. Ómarsdóttir and Michael Hil, founders of The Voice Hub, through its doors to teach students about Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) ; a singing method that focuses on using the voice in a healthy manner, while utilising all the sounds the human voice can produce. Having been running vocal coaching workshops across the UK, The Voice Hub has trained vocalists and actors with serious credits such as Game Of Thrones.

The session gave students insight to all aspects of this technique, the anatomy and physiology its based on, and the three overall principles vocalists must abide to in order to sing in a healthy way: Support (using the diaphragm), necessary twang and avoiding protruding the jaw and tightening the lips.

After this introduction to CVT, the students had a chance to take part in some practical exercises, alongside being invited to join The Voice Hub on stage for one-to-one tutorials. Throughout the session questions were welcomed and students were thoroughly engaged.

ACM is extremely pleased to offer this opportunity to its students, so they can learn in depth about keeping their vocal chords healthy.

Michael and Rósa said their top advice to students would be…

“You should sing what feels right and enjoy it, and if it feels wrong it is wrong, so then in that case don’t sing it. Just enjoy what you’re singing and then make the most of your voice.”
Michael Hil (Voice Hub Founder)

“Find the sound that you like and be true to who you are as an artist and not let everybody else tell you what to sound like or who to be. Find the sound that you like.”
Rósa B. Ómarsdóttir (Voice Hub Founder)

The session was one of many opportunities put on every term by ACM to help push the students to maximise their potential.

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