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ACM would like to congratulate Vocal Alumna (and, once upon a time, part of ACM’s Student Relations team!), Rozzy Turner, on her successful blind audition on BBC One’s The Voice>. Rozzy’s brilliant performance of Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj won the attention of, and enters the ‘Battle Stages’ as part of Team Will.

As we sit down to talk to Rozzy, it’s clear she’s still on cloud nine…!

Rozzy T Blind Audition ARTICLE HEADER

“My journey onto The Voice UK started in the summer and has easily been one of the most exciting and terrifying things I have ever done! The build up to the Blind audition is great, I got to work with Jessie J’s vocal coach and even bumped into ACM’s very own Mark De-Lisser. I learnt so much in the short time of rehearsals we had. Taking on Bang Bang by Jessie J was always going to be a tough choice for a Rock vocalist but I gave it everything I had on the day despite the nerves we all had backstage! When you walk out onto the stage it really is silent, I remember looking at the chairs and the audience and suddenly realising that this was it, deep breath!”

“I cannot believe that I am on Team Will! The level of talent in this year’s show is so high, I am honoured to be considered good enough to stand with my team mates. Watching the blind audition back was very surreal – I remember that day so well, and the nerves that came with it! I saw the blind audition for the first time on Saturday (when the show aired) as we are not shown any footage during the process. I had no idea how the coaches were reacting so it was great to see / hear their positive comments, it was a massive song! I cannot wait for the Battles, just being able to sing to the chairs is a huge achievement, I never thought I’d get this far!”

“I left ACM back in 2006 but have never forgotten my dreams. I urge you all; work hard, pay attention, kill it in LPW because you never know who’s sitting next to you, your dreams really can happen! Let the battles commence!”

ACM would like to thank Rozzy for taking the time out of her busy schedule to speak with us. Make sure you keep up with Rozzy’s progress in the Battle Stages on BBC One, or by following her on Facebook and Twitter , utilising the hashtags #TeamTurner & #TeamWill.