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After the success of Kirsten Joy on The Voice’s blind auditions, ACM has now secured a second representation with current students Indie Murton and Pixie Highley.

Describing their style as “a poppy/rocky” sound with “harmonies and cool dance moves”, Indie and Pixie sang Pink’s ‘Perfect’ for the four super-star judges.

As you can see the two secured an astounding result by encouraging all four judges to declare ‘I want you” and spark a bidding war to secure the talented duo for their team. After several minutes of fiery discussion the girls decided to join Kirsten as part of Team Jessie

“The blind audition was a strange experience. The Voice had been training and preparing us for weeks for it, so we were completely prepared, but we had never done anything like it at all, so we were still so scared.”
Pixie and Indie

Over the coming weekend, Pixie, Indie, Kirsten and the other members of Team Jessie will face a series of ‘Vocal Battles’ as they fight to secure the accolade of being crowned ‘The Voice’ of the UK and the chance of securing a recording contract.

You can support Indie and Pixie on their journey through The Voice UK on their very own Facebook Voice UK page.