This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

7 years ago on 6th September our colleague and friend Eric Roche lost his battle with cancer.

We all still deeply miss Eric at ACM. He was a warm, funny and unbelievably generous man with an equally unbelievable musical sensitivity and eyes that sparkled with a wonderful impishness. But in so many ways Eric is still with us – imbedded in the teaching methodology, nestling in our iTunes libraries and dancing through our memories. For those staff and students who were lucky enough to experience Eric as a teacher, musician and friend, count your blessings today and remember what he used to tell everyone who would listen:

“Music is a language. Just make sure you’ve got something to say.”

Eric Roche – much loved, much missed and cherished forever.

Check out the Eric Roche’s online guestbook to see how Eric touched the lives of so many and to comment for yourself.