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Find out what people are saying about ACM

To understand the value of ACM we asked members of our Facebook and Twitter communities to tell us what they thought of ACM by completing a simple sentence “ACM is…..”. Contributors were asked to be honest and upfront with no topic off limits. Here’s a snapshot of what came back from students, parents and industry.

“…the biggest stepping stone in a young musicians life”

“…hopefully the springboard to my sons career so he can start paying me back for being there.”

“…gives young musicians critical skills in exploring their creativity. So impressed with all the professional talent I had the privilege to interview when I did Rockxtra. You can tell who has applied themselves to their music, it not just how they perform it is also how they behave. If I start an internet station, guess where I will turn to first!”

“…was the platform that allowed me to find myself musically and personally.”

“I finished a degree at ACM in 2004. I now can thankfully say that I do what I love for a living. Music is a huge part of my life. thanks to the tutors for teaching me about groove and chops. peace and love to all. And keep jammin’.”

“…where you can get out what you put in and I wouldn’t now work at Warner Music if i hadn’t have taken on board what I learnt in my lectures.”

“…where Budweiser beer and sparkly toilet seats cross paths on a Friday afternoon. It also is the fallopian tube where epic music is conceived…and it is also the womb where it develops and sprouts into something unique and uncompromising.”

“…the stepping stone in my dream career of being a roadie or sound tech… Where I have already learnt so much more than I could have imagined when I left my mediocre office job to follow my dreams… Where I look forward to Monday rather than dreading it!”

“…taken for granted! 😉 I used to stay behind most nights joining in activities and private tutor sessions (mostly ‘cos It was warmer as I lived in a van for the most part of Diploma) but there was never enough time for all the great things going on. Metal Workshop was a favourite of mine, we let a lot of steam off in shred heaven lol I say taken for granted because your time at the ACM is short and some peeps don’t get involved, as said above what you put in you get out Miss you guys!”

“…a place to find your voice, develop your style, experiment and be creative. You can fly or fall on your face a million times but it didn’t matter as it all begins when you leave.”

“…the place that made me realise that there’s more to playing the guitar than position 1 of the minor pentatonic scale.”

“…the biggest part of my musical life, without it I wouldn’t be the musician I am today, I pretty much did not believe in myself, but they brought the Gorilla out of me!”

“…a place to help nurture you as a musician and provide you with everything you need to become the best you can be in whatever field you may be interested in. ACM is constantly developing me as a guitarist and as a Musician in general. Its definitely not easy but its like a breath of fresh air being able doing something that you actually love after 2 years of A levels!”