ACM in Conversation With: Metropolis Blue Schools Competition Winners

12 Jun 2020

This post was written more than two years ago. The content or information below may no longer be accurate.

ACM and student-run label Metropolis Blue came together to create a competition for schools, colleges and youth organisations to showcase their talent and win the opportunity to record at the renowned Metropolis Studios (where the likes of Adele, Queen and Amy Winehouse have all recorded their music!). We had the pleasure of catching up with last year’s winners, Bread in a Bag (from Richmond Music Trust),  to understand more about their experiences and new single, “Just Like Before”.

Introduce us to the band, how did you form and how would you describe your sound?

Bread in a Bag brings together singer Jude Richards, drummer Fin Millard, pianist Will Everitt, guitarist Tom Adamson and bassist Wilf Swift. We all met on the Richmond Music Trust BandIt course, and through this our band was formed. Over the next year we discovered and developed our sound, which is a fusion of pop, jazz and rock.

How did you find out about the Metropolis Blue Schools Competition and why did you enter?

We found out about the ACM Metropolis Blue Schools Competition through Richmond Music Trust (RMT). We saw the competition as an opportunity to develop as a band, and write some great songs in the process! At first Simba from ACM came to hear us at RMT, then we went on to the ACM London Campus to work in one of their studios, and after we found out we’d won, we got to spend a day at Metropolis Studios.

Tell us about your Metropolis experience, what did you do in the studio and what were your highlights from the day?

Our day at Metropolis Studios was a once in a lifetime experience – everything we could have wanted and more was provided. We worked with an amazing engineer call Daryl Johnson in Studio B. We started off by laying down a rough track, and then spent the next few hours individually recording our parts to the rough track and a click. Once we’d all recorded our lines we listened to the recording as a whole. By the time we finished we’d been there for almost 10 hours, but it was incredible to hear how the track had evolved during that time. Some of our highlights were seeing the studio for the first time, being able to use some of the amazing quality instruments onsite, getting the chance to input with Daryl, and listening to the first mix of the track. Before we left, we were lucky enough to go next door to Studio A to try out Freddie Mercury’s amazing Fazioli piano.

Tell us about the song, how did you write it?

“Just Like Before” was written on the RMT BandIt course before we went to Metropolis. With a lot of our songs we start by writing the chord sequences to base the verses and choruses on, and from there we’ll write drums and vocals – this song was no exception! The main message behind the mood and lyrics of the song is looking back on a current relationship, and not having the same connection that you did at the beginning.

You’re releasing the song on Spotify, how does that feel and what’s next for you all as a band?

In a way it feels slightly surreal! For most of us this is our first time releasing a song onto streaming platforms, so we’re all very excited! As for the future, we’re writing more songs, which we hope to release as an album or an EP.

What did you learn from your experience with ACM and Metropolis?

Our experience with ACM and Metropolis was incredible. It’s really helped us gel as a band and now we understand our sound more. We’ve seen the skills and mindset you need when recording a song and to have been able to record at such a prestigious venue is just amazing. It’s been an inspirational experience for all of us, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Listen to Bread in a Bag’s new single “Just Like Before” below and learn more about what the band are getting up to via their Instagram page.

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