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Announcing the 2016 BASCA and ACM Songwriting Scholarship.

One lucky student will have their entire degree course paid for.

The Academy of Contemporary Music is delighted to announce the continuation of its exclusive partnership with BASCA, offering ‘The BASCA Scholarship’ to one student deemed to have outstanding talent as a songwriter. The scholarship will fully fund a songwriter’s journey through ACM’s 2-Year BA (Hons) Music Industry Practice programme.

BASCA (The British Academy of Songwriters Composers and Authors) is the official representative body for Songwriters in the UK and so we at ACM are incredibly privileged to partner with them on this project.

Ivan Proctor was recently announced as the recipient of the 2015 ACM BASCA Scholarship, receiving the inaugural award at the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance General Assembly opening concert at BASCA.

“I was absolutely thrilled to be awarded a full scholarship to ACM from BASCA. It has really inspired me to carry on doing what I love, which is songwriting! The amount of useful advice I have been given by BASCA members has been amazing, from the auditions to even on the night of the ceremony. I would also like to congratulate the other two finalists, Hannah Lloyd and Ailsa Shaw, who both played beautifully.”
Ivan Proctor

All applicants competing for the scholarship were assessed by a panel of ACM professional tutors, who then selected a short list of eight finalists.

These eight finalists performed at a one-day event at Metropolis Studios before a panel of distinguished BASCA judges: Caron Wheeler, Tim Fraser, Rita Campbell, Marc Sylvan and Gary Osborne.

“One of BASCA’s core objectives is to encourage the next generation of songwriters and composers, and launching a scholarship programme with ACM is the perfect opportunity for us to help a young songwriter develop their skills.”

“We are delighted to announce the partnership between ACM and BASCA, and to be able to offer our most talented and promising students the chance of winning a scholarship. There is such an obvious synergy between BASCA’s work supporting songwriters and composers and our talented songwriting students. The scholarship scheme also fits perfectly with our belief that finance and circumstances should not be a barrier to any student fulfilling their potential. We are in the unique position of offering a truly end-to-end educational proposition, thanks to the intrinsic link between ACM and Metropolis, which gives our students the most genuine access to the real-world industry. Our aim is to give our gifted students a truly industry-based, world-class education, in an environment in which they have genuine, regular access to esteemed professional bodies and industry leaders in order to graduate from ACM with the highest level of practical employability.”
Kainne Clements Executive Chairman of ACM and Metropolis Studios