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A team of 35 drummers have sat and played their hearts out at ACM (The Academy Of Contemporary Music) for the last 70 hours in the Roger Taylor (Queen) Zildjian Studio.

Starting on Wednesday 10th July and finishing on Saturday 13th July, the Drummathon has raised money for The British Dental Health Foundation, Heart Your Smile and Bridge2Aid whilst attempting a Guinness World Record for 70 hour Marathon Drumming by a Team*.

“When I decided to put this 70 hour Drummathon together to support my ‘Clean My Teeth’ campaign, and being an ex-ACM student myself, it was the natural decision to ask them to host it! From start to finish it has been emotional and I can’t get over the amount of support I have had from both ACM, their students, staff, tutors and my friends. We have raised a lot of money for the 3 charities involved which will enable them to continue their great work.”
Ian Aguado-Bush Event Organiser

The camaraderie between the drummers has been like a band of brothers (and some sisters!) watching, supporting and jamming with each other day and night including students, staff, tutors and big names such as Pete Riley, Mike Dolbear and Craig Blundell. The drummers were also supported by industry heavyweights Zildjian (cymbals) and Vic Firth (sticks) who both supplied gear for the event.




Photos (l-r): Chris Nugent, Josh Stagg and Pete Riley.

And The Beat Goes On…
Watch the last two hours of the Drummathon as Ian Aguado-Bush finishes the whole event in style!

Roll Call Of Honour
Big thanks and congratulations to each and every drummer who put in a shift: Mike Dolbear, Josh Stagg, Windsor McGilvray, Kris Wagland, Patrick Allan, Jay Bonney, James Benwell, William Jupp, Kate Devlin, Oliver Sears, Steven Price, Craig Richards, Steve Fulcher, Chris Nugent, Charlie Campbell, Craig Blundell, Phil Wilson, Dimitris Astrantinis, Oli Leonard, Jamie Moore, Marc Daffern, Kamil Bartnik, Cameron Black, Colin Marshall, Neil J Hart, Marcus Shearer, Tim Nugent, Pete Riley, Rob Dowsett, Gareth Burnett, Dom Cardell, Kim Der Ram, Jonny Francis, Dominic Crossland, Elliot Kratt and Ian Aguado-Bush.

“ACM loved hosting the event for a world record in music and raising money for the Clean My Teeth Campaign. We’re very lucky to have a hugely talented bunch of student drummers here at ACM, supported by tutors who are some of the best drummers in the world as well as our special guest drummers like Mike Dolbear and Craig Blundell. I’d also like to thank everyone who has taken part including our sponsors – Zildjian and Vic Firth. It’s been a marathon of an event and I won’t be surprised if there’s a few students sleeping in that little bit extra come Monday morning…”
Julia Leggett CEO of ACM

* subject to confirmation