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Ed Gain studied and graduated from ACM’s Music Business degree in 2004. Since then he’s had some amazing opportunities and thought he’d share what he’s been up to.

Long time no speak Ed! what prompted the call?
I noticed on ACM’s news blog that you sometimes cover what ACM graduates are up to in the music industry. I thought it may be of interest what I’ve since gone on to do since graduating from ACM as I’ve recently launched a very unique music lyrics website.

So how did this entrepreneurial spirit come from?
While I was at ACM I was also simultaneously running my own web design business, which eventually grew to seven staff with several size able clients. Then in 2009 the business was acquired by a London agency and since then I’ve been able to pursue my interest in music again.

That’s great news – how come your music ended up on the back-burner?
After I graduated from ACM I was so busy running the business that I just didn’t have the time, but I’m pleased to say that I can now combine what I learnt from my Music Business degree at ACM with my web development skills to produce

So what’s all about? is a song lyrics website that lets you quote lyrics directly to your Facebook status.

Sounds like a simple, but great idea – where did the idea for come from?
Lyrics have always played a part in social networking, even in the pre-Facebook era, sometimes taking the form of MSN screen names or MySpace titles, but some of the existing lyrics websites don’t make life easy for users. taps into this continuing lyric quoting trend, with the added touch of leaving a link behind on your lyric status so that users can click to see what the actual song is that’s being quoted. All in all is a breath of fresh air, with a clean, clear design and minimal advertising.

Any last shameless plugs 😉
You can quote your favourite lyrics right now by visiting….oh and the site also boasts over 600,000 songs from Aerosmith to ZZ Top and having the most complete and accurate lyrics database available!

Our thanks to Ed for taking the time to catch us up on his AMAZING process since graduating from ACM.